What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that injects gel-like fillers to the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth. Juvederm is a collection of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers that can add volume to different parts of the face, smooth smile lines, or plump the lips. The results are subtle and long-lasting.

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RADIESSE is dermal fillers that are used for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds (the creases that extend from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth). RADIESSE® is also used for correcting volume loss in the back of the hands.

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BELLAFILL is a biostimulatory dermal filter that  provides long last correction due to the combined action of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres and the patient’s own collagen. Once injected, the collagen gel immediately reduces the look of smile lines. Over time, your body uses the microspheres in Bellafill to create a “scaffold” onto which your own natural collagen can develop. This collagen forms a foundation that adds volume to wrinkles, reducing their appearance – and giving you natural-looking results that feel soft and smooth for up to 5 years.


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