Monopolar Radio Frequency Treatment

SKIN TIGHTENING | Oligio Painless Lifting


Firmness is always one of the keys to youthful-looking skin. There are countless skin tightening treatments in the market, so what makes Oligio a newborn star that is even more desirable than Thermage?

Oligio, approved by FDA in the U.S., CE in the E.U., the KFDA in Korea, and the TFDA in Taiwan, makes use of monopolar radio frequency, electric wave technology, and 3D heating technology. By applying heat to the dermal layers, treatment helps tighten loose elastic fibers, remodel aged collagen as well as stimulate new collagen synthesis. Oligio treatment produces a youthful look, restore elasticity to the skin, reducing wrinkles, as well as enhancing contours.


  • Neogollagenesis & Collagen Remodeling
  • Skin Lifting & Tightening
  • Face & Body Contouring
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles & Acne Improvement

Oligio Indications

Oligio Treatment Mechanism