Accure Laser System is coming in summer 2023!

Accure is committed to developing a novel and impactful solution for acne sufferers that employs a revolutionary technology designed to improve their long-term quality of life.

Accure is committed to developing a truly differentiated and protected product for clinicians worldwide. Accure’s clinical and technical team is uniquely impressive. The Accure device has been granted CE Mark approval which allows Accure to commercialize in the European Union, while creating a global and exclusive intellectual property portfolio.

Accure is committed to developing a uniquely compelling value proposition. Accure has developed a clear and compelling go-to-market strategy, leveraging significant commercialization experience and regulatory expertise.

The Accure Laser System is the next-generation light-based platform for the treatment of acne. The Accure Laser is the first 1726nm-based laser platform with both FDA and CE Mark clearances.

Accure Laser System has received FDA clearance to treat mild to severe inflammatory acne vulgaris. The Accure Laser System builds upon the unique selectivity of the 1726nm laser wavelength, adding proprietary technology to precisely control thermal gradient depth.  This technology breakthrough is accomplished through a unique pulsing algorithm, integrated temperature monitoring, and precise automated control of the laser.

In the U.S. alone, acne vulgaris affects more than 50 million teens and adults annually, making acne one of the most treated skin conditions by healthcare providers, with a market size of $4.27 billion in 2021.*

“The Accure Laser System clearance is tremendously exciting for dermatologists and their patients. This platform is much more than the 1726nm wavelength laser that selectively targets sebaceous glands; this innovative intellectual property brings a new level of sophistication to energy-based devices targeting acne,  Accure Acne was founded over seven years ago to develop this disruptive technology to address multiple clinical applications. We have carefully built a positive safety profile and strive for best-in-class clinical results.”

The company anticipates that the Accure Laser System will first be made available in a controlled, limited commercial release with selected board-certified dermatologists.

About Accure Acne, Inc. 

At Accure, we are wholly committed to developing revolutionary solutions to address acne. We know that acne can have a devastating social, psychological, physical, and economic impact on patients around the world. We are pioneering transformative solutions that will answer this unmet need and have a positive and profound impact on patients and providers worldwide.

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