Defenage Anti-Aging Clinical Power Trio


Visible correction of up to 16 signs of aging just in 6 weeks!*

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Defenage Anti-Aging Clinical Power Trio

1. 2-Minute Reveal Masque
2. 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream
3. 8-in-1 BioSerum
Age-Repair Defensins™ 


Powerful, synthetically-produced messaging defensin peptides featuring a stand-alone breakthrough NATURAL mechanism of action. Patent-pending and EXCLUSIVELY available in DefenAge™ Skin Care.


Soothes, revives skin’s natural moisture barrier, renews the feel of skin firmness and elasticity, brightens overall skin tone.

Hyaluronic Acid-Liposome Encapsulated

Promotes hydration and improves texture for remarkably smooth even skin.

Sea Whip

Keeps skin calm. Strongest, fastest, most effective soothing ingredient from the sea.

Special “know-how”-protected fine blend of antioxidant- and hydrating technologies and enzymes.

Visible correction of up to 16 signs of aging just in 6 weeks!*

Revives Youthful Firmness • Brightens Age Spots • Defines Contours • Smoothes Lines • Diminishes Wrinkles • Unclogs & Minimizes Pores • Comforts Sensitivity • Evens Skin Tone • Corrects Surface Imperfections • Revives Clarity • Replenishes Moisture • Repairs Dryness • Refines Texture • Renews Softness • Revitalizes Dullness • Calms Redness





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